We love that you are considering to place an order with us, and we would like to highlight the following shipping advice in order for you to make an informed purchase.


Standard Shipping 

  1. For standard shipping, we ship via registered air mail service, which will be handled by your national postal service
  2. Shipping delays might occur due to your country's customs and postal service efficiency

For Europe, Most of East/SEA Asia and NZ

  • tracking is more detailed and with local post offices being more efficient in handling your parcels.  

For Australia and US.
  • the tracking is limited due to your country's postal service regulations. If parcel is not received within 3 weeks from ship date, you will have to get in touch with your local post office in charge of your address. 
  • Australia Post typically handles parcels efficiently

For Canada

At this point we only offer express shipping, for the best shopping experience for our Canadian customers. Standard international air mail is handled rather erratically.


Express Worldwide Shipping Pricing

If items are time-sensitive, we recommend opting for express shipping. 
Tracking is detailed. 


Flat Express Shipping Rates

East/SE Asia - $20

Australia/NZ - $29

Europe & Middle East - $32

US, Canada and South America - $35